Any hospital stay is stressful whether it is for a short day procedure or is for several days. For the deaf or hard of hearing patient that stress can be overwhelming.

CHHA-NSB offers a Hospital Kit which we hope will lessen that stress. Hospital staff as well as family members and other visitors need to understand the special communication needs of the HOH patient. We have been distributing these Hospital Kits to local hospitals in order to educate all those involved in the care of the HOH patient. Check if your hospital has one available for you.

These kits are also available from us free of charge. Phone or email us if you need a kit.

Each hospital kit contains:

  1. An Instruction Sheet: “Making Your Hospital Stay a Success-even with a Hearing Loss”.
    You can print off a copy here: Making Your Hospital Stay a Success.
  2. A Blue Ear Pin: International symbol. It can be pinned on the hospital gown or the pillow.
  3. A Let’s Communicate! Card: Have it handy to show staff, including doctors, family, and
    Front side:                                              Back side:
  4. 2 small “Hearing Loss” Stickers: they can be put on your chart or anywhere else as a reminder that you have a hearing loss and a specific protocol has to be followed when communicating with you.
  5. International Symbol Card with poster strips: To be placed on the wall over the bed or on the door. Use the Hard of Hearing side or the Deaf side
  6. A pad of paper and pen: to write messages, incoming and outgoing.
  7. A small plastic bag: To store your hearing aid or CI processor for safety and identification purposes. Please complete the label!
  8. A CHHA-NSB brochure to remind you of who we are and to get in touch with us if you need more information.