The Young Adults Network (YAN) is a nationwide non-profit network of young adults aged 18-35 with varying degrees of hearing loss that strives to educate communities about hearing loss, to provide resources and support to young adults with hearing loss.

The purpose of YAN is to raise awareness about the issues and concerns of hard of hearing young adults across Canada, to enable them to connect with each other, and to provide support for them to be involved within CHHA and to lead a healthy and happy life.

In addition we:

  • are the vehicle of concerns and coordination for members’ activities on behalf of and in the service of hard of hearing young adults.
  • advocate for the development of social, educational and employment environments which would enable young hard of hearing Canadians to achieve their potential.
  • encourage young adults to take individual and collective responsibility for their growth and development through the development and encouragement of social networking and mentoring (formal or informal basis).
  • explore and advocate for the strengths of, and the obstruction to equal access and develop solutions to these barriers.
  • promote the development of and access to technical aids, services, and facilities for those with hearing loss.
  • promote the education of the public, social institutions, professionals and the hard of hearing young adults themselves, about hearing loss challenges and available solutions.

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September 2021:

The Young Adults Network (YAN) strives to hold at least one fundraiser per year to raise funds to support the mission and vision of their Network through leadership-focused events, resources and activities that bring the hard of hearing young adult community together.  YAN is eager to continue bringing accessible workshops and social events to its members.  The 2021 Summercamp highlighted the need to be a fierce advocate and promote access for every Hard of Hearing individual in a hearing world. 
YAN is pleased to be hosting their third annual Hear2Lead fundraiser via CanadaHelps, from September 15th until November 15th 2021. This is a virtual fundraiser.   You may participate in this event or donate to it.  With your contribution to the Hear2Lead 2021 campaign, you are making an impact in supporting our Network through activities and events specifically for young adults aged 18-35.  We are extremely appreciative of your contribution, no matter how small it may seem – every bit helps

For more information about YAN and about this fundraiser please visit their website .

To donate directly visit their donation page:
Thank you for your support on behalf of YAN.

The following materials may be printed off and posted:

Press Release:                                    Hear2Lead 2021 Press Release

Info about what YAN supports:     Lead 2021 Support FAQ

A Colourful Banner:                         Hear2Lead 2021 Banner

Instructions of how to donate:      Hear2Lead 2021 How to Donate