Sometimes called lip reading, but read on!

What is Speechreading and how can you learn to do it better?

The Speechreading course promotes skill development and attitudinal change towards communicating with a hearing loss. Participants, including individuals who have hearing loss and their partners, reflect on how hearing loss affects communication. The course allows the students the opportunity to create more effective personal communication, to identify and select communication strategies and tools, to increase self-confidence levels, and to become more effective at self-advocacy. Students also practice speechreading: they detect differences in mouth movements, discriminate and identify visual aspects of speech, and incorporate visual information with what they hear with the goal of improving personal communication.


  • Advantages and limitations of speechreading
  • How to combine what you see with what you hear
  • How to identify the factors that affect your ability to communicate
  • How to use a variety of strategies to communicate more effectively
  • How to behave assertively in difficult situations
  • Tips for stress reduction and relaxation


CHHA-NSB is pleased to announce that Lisa Dillon Edgett will be teaching courses in speechreading at

  1. Silver Harbour Seniors Activity Centre, North Vancouver:
    Wednesday afternoons, 1:00pm-3:30pm
    Dates: April 8 – June 23  (filling quickly)
  2. Silver Harbour Seniors Activity Centre, North Vancouver:
    Thursday afternoons, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
    Dates:  April 9 – June 24 (many seats available)
  3. Vancouver Community College (Broadway Campus) in Vancouver.
    Download the Speechreading at VCC here!
    Tuesday evenings, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
    Dates: April 7 – June 23

Tuition and fees for the course are $270.05, but a senior tuition waiver is available for those 65 and over (Cost will be $93.40.)

For more information, or to request registration forms, contact Lisa Dillon Edgett:
604-871-7348 or

What do past students from the Speechreading course say? 

“I have learned to have a more positive attitude in helping myself and in communicating to others what works best for me. It is important because it will keep me better connected with family and friends.”

“I have more knowledge about my hearing loss to explain to family/friends/co-workers/general public what I need/what helps in communication. I use this knowledge daily!”

“The most important thing I learned was “to advocate for myself and assessing environments and changing circumstances to hear better”.

“I really enjoyed our group. It was nice to be with people who have hearing problems like me as they understand the problem.”

“I have put in use the strategies and knowledge that I have gained in this course. My family and I are less stressed and have more meaningful conversations.”

“This is an essential course for anyone with hearing loss.”

“It helps everyone involved with me and fills me up to live less isolated, therefore could give so much more back to this world”.

“A wonderful class- clear and effective instructor; caring and sharing classmates, and a safe and open environment to talk about our hearing loss.”

“I find this class is helpful to how I deal with my hearing loss in effective ways. Also I realize a lot of people have the same problem as I have. I am not alone.”

“Knowing and understanding hearing loss and its impact on my daily life. It is important because when I understand it better I can find better solutions for difficulties.”

“I wish I had known about it a long time ago, as I could have benefitted greatly.”

“It was much more than I expected as the course includes social, physical, environmental approaches rather than just lip-reading techniques.”

“Assertiveness helps move emotions aside. I’ve had ongoing unrealistic expectations of how I “should” hear. This caused much disappointment, heart-ache, and even lower self-esteem. The class helped me to move into yet another stage of acceptance.”

“I’m lipreading a bit better. I’m helping people assist me MUCH better. It hadn’t occurred to me what it would be like being in a class with other hard of hearing folks. The communal impact was huge for me. I didn’t expect to be so well supported and accepted.”

“…I have become more aware of my attitudes towards others. I don’t hesitate to let them know what works best for me as well as compliment them on any changes they have made to help me. For some, I need to take more time to explain how severe the loss is because they really don’t know.”

“The class provided much more than I anticipated and proved to be so much more than reading lips. Very highly recommended!!”