CHHA-North Shore Branch is pleased to offer financial assistance to post-secondary students with hearing loss by offering the following scholarship:

The Carrell Hearn Scholarship was created in 2018 in memory of Carrell Hearn who passed away in 2014 at the age of 105.  She was a resident of West Vancouver, BC.  She was a long term member and generous supporter of CHHA – NSB as well as a member of other local North Shore charities.

This scholarship is being offered by the North Shore Branch in Carrell’s memory.  It will be administered through CHHA National.  It is one of six scholarships CHHA has to offer. 

The CHHA Scholarship Program was established in 2002 by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and to date, they have awarded over $63,000.00 to ensure students with hearing loss have equal access to educational opportunities. 

December 2022:  If you will be entering into full-time studies in September 2023 and experience a hearing loss, take advantage of CHHA’s Scholarship Program.  Scholarships are open to anyone with a hearing loss who will be enrolled in a full-time program in a post-secondary institution next September.  There is an on-line application that can be used to apply for any of the six scholarships.

To learn more about these scholarships, eligibility, and how to apply for scholarships please visit:  or contact 

The deadline for applications is April 20, 2023

On October 16, 2022 CHHA National announced the names of this year’s recipients:

Lauren Wright, AB  Carrell Hearn Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Madeyski, AB Helen Allen Stacey Memorial Scholarship

Nolan Philp, BC  Susan Brown Memorial Scholarship

Christophe Devos, BC Dr. Charles Laszlo Memorial Scholarship

Emily Rafuse, NB Young Adults Network Scholarship

Catherine Dumé, ON Frank Algar Memorial Scholarship

Iman Farooqi, AB Young Adults Network Scholarship

Of special interest to the members of CHHA-NSB is Lauren Wright.  Lauren is currently attending the University of Alberta pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  In applying for the scholarship, Lauren readily shared her experience with childhood hearing loss with the others. She even gave a presentation to the 113 students in the class on strategies to communicate effectively with people who are deaf or hard of hearing in order address their health concerns. She introduced students to cochlear implants and played audio examples of how a person with a cochlear implant might hear. Lauren’s openness about her experience created understanding and advocacy among the other students; she even helped others access resources and accommodations who might not otherwise have applied.  Her long-term goal is to develop her foundational skills and experience as a bedside nurse, perhaps furthering this in an ICU position.  She would love to undertake further education to become a nurse educator.  Throughout her career, she dreams of being an advocate for those with a hearing disability who want to pursue a STEM career.  She would also love to mentor others who may be struggling with their own disabilities and may not have the confidence to seek their aspirations.   She wants to build awareness of the strengths and abilities of individual like herself who may face challenges with their everyday lives or work roles.

These individuals were selected from a group of many worthy applicants and succeeded against tough competition.  Thank you to all who applied and please feel free to apply again.  Information about deadlines for next years scholarship and a link to the information will be posted as soon as it is available.

To find out more about past recipients please visit: