The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association is a national non-profit consumer support organization for hard of hearing people with regional (provincial) chapters and local branches. The CHHA-North Shore Branch is a local branch serving the North Shore municipalities of North Vancouver and West Vancouver. It is recognized as a non-profit charitable British Columbia Society. In support of CHHA National, the North Shore Branch works cooperatively with local professionals, service providers, and government. We provide life enhancing information, support and advocacy to ensure people with hearing loss are able to overcome barriers in all aspects of their lives. We are dedicated to improving communication skills and the quality of life for the hearing impaired.

CHHA- North Shore Branch works on behalf of all North Shore residents with hearing loss and provides our services free of charge. Membership to CHHA is not a requirement to use our services. Currently our services include 2 support workshops called Sound Advice, and 3 annual meetings at which we ask hearing professionals and others to speak on topics of interest to people with hearing loss. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, provide telephone service to answer queries, answer email inquiries, and help people with hearing aid technical issues.

Members pay an annual fee of $30.00 which includes national, provincial and local branch registration. We are always looking to increase our membership. We are looking for people who would like to expand their own knowledge of hearing loss and at the same time get involved in helping others with hearing loss. By getting involved we make our community a more liveable place for people with disabilities. Hearing loss is one of those disabilities and often is an invisible disability. It is up to us to bring attention to that disability and the particular needs that must be addressed to make our community a more friendly, accessible place for those living with hearing loss.

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