What it’s all about

Sound Advice is a monthly 1.5 hour meeting sponsored by the North Shore branch of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. Its purpose is to provide a platform for people to discuss issues arising from hearing loss.

  • We provide information about the basics of dealing with hearing loss: how do I know when it is time to get a hearing aid?
  • Who do I go to see about it?
  • How do I choose a hearing aid?
  • How do I know the hearing aid is working for me?
  • We talk about features of hearing aids that will help an individual benefit as much as possible from his/her hearing aid. Often these are features that an audiologist or hearing instrument practitioner ( HIP) doesn’t have time to talk about or hasn’t wanted to overwhelm us with too much info.
  • We encourage people to be self aware and communicate their needs.
  • What questions can we ask their audiologist/HIP on the next visit?
  • What tweaks does the hearing aid need?
  • We go beyond that to discuss the newest advances in technology and how those help an individual and when they are absolutely necessary.

We also go beyond the hearing aids and provide information about gadgets and assistive devices that aid our hearing aids. We answer technical questions about hearing aids. We talk about the “mechanics” of hearing loss: information about how we hear things, sound frequencies and the audiogram. An important issue is the connection between the brain and our hearing loss. Most people don’t connect their hearing loss and bouts of depression. We talk a lot about coping strategies: what we do in a situation where we can’t hear; how to deal with the stress of not hearing; how to make changes in our lives so that we can live to our fullest; how to get our friends and family on board with our hearing loss. Hearing loss is an emotional issue and we reach out to support those who feel separate from the real world.

The group can consist of people who are just starting to lose their hearing to those who have been wearing hearing aids for several years to those where hearing aids aren’t helping anymore. It also can include people who have a family member who is dealing with hearing loss. The group is open to people of all ages. The group consists of new people looking for answers to specific answers, regulars who have their own stories to share, and people who come on a semi regular basis who want to give feedback on their progress. We are hard of hearing people helping other people with hearing loss. We listen to others with similar problems and share our solutions. The meeting is hosted by 2 volunteers, Flo Spratt and Hugh Hetherington. Flo has had hearing loss most of her life and has a cochlear implant; she’s our coping strategy expert. Hugh has had hearing loss for several years and is our technical support guy. Perfect hearing aids doesn’t necessarily mean perfect hearing but we want to do as much as we can to make the world user friendly for people with hearing loss. We want to inform, advise, educate and support people dealing with hearing loss.

Sound Advice: West Vancouver

These meetings are held at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre 695-21st , West Vancouver on the first Friday of the month except July and August from 10:00am to 11:30 am followed by half -hour question period. The room is equipped with a loop system.

Sound Advice: North Vancouver

CHHA North Shore Branch also holds Sound Advice meetings at the Silver Harbour Senior’s Centre 144E 22nd ST, North Vancouver on the last Monday of the month from 10am to 11:30 am, followed by a one-half hour question period. The first meeting was held January 28, 2019

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