CHHA-NSB is pleased to announce a new service. We have purchased Pocketalkers that we will lend to hard of hearing people who are patients of Lions Gate Hospital or the North Shore Hospice.

What is a pocketalker you might ask? It’s a portable personal amplifier, i.e. a listening device. It’s about the size of a deck of cards and can fit into a pocket or be attached to a hospital gown. It is lightweight. It is simple to use. The hard of hearing person uses the headphones or earbuds that come with the pocketalker. The health care professional or visitor speaks into a microphone that also comes with the pocketalker. This allows the sound of the speaker’s voice to be heard more clearly by the listener. The volume can be controlled.

Health care facilities are stressful places and can be quite noisy. Effective communication really matters in these healthcare settings. It is important for the patient to hear and understand their health care professional. It is also important for the patient to be able to communicate with their visitors. A pocket talker improves the ability to hear in loud or noisy environments, as it greatly reduces background noise. It can be used with or without hearing aids.

If you are a patient of LGH or North Shore Hospice or will be visiting a patient and would like to borrow a pocketalker, please contact Deborah Maloon at or Hugh Hetherington at . One of us will bring the pocketalker to you at the facility, explain and show you how it works, and pick it up from you when you are finished using it.