It is not the policy of CHHA-NSB to recommend a particular hearing clinic. However, we can provide the following list for clinics on the North Shore. Also, look at our article “Choosing a Hearing Clinic” to help you.  If you are a hearing clinic on the North Shore and would like to be included in this list and on the CHHA-NSB website, please email us at  

Also, CHHA-NSB is interested in re-connecting to the clinics on the North Shore now that we seem to be through the pandemic.  In the past we provided clinics with information about our branch in the form of pamphlets, posters and flyers about our Sound Advice Meetings and our Evening Zoom Meetings.  We would like to do so again and a member of our branch will be contacting clinics.  However, if someone has not given you our information, please call us and we will be happy to deliver our info packages.

West Vancouver

Advanced Hearing Solutions
#15 – 285 17th Street
West Vancouver

Connect Hearing Services
1412 Marine Drive
West Vancouver

Hearing Life Canada, formerly NexGen Hearing Clinic
#114-2419 Bellevue Ave.
West Vancouver

North Vancouver

Amplifon Hearing Clinic
#105 – 1171 Marine Drive
North Vancouver

Connect World of Hearing
1331 Lonsdale Avenue 
North Vancouver

Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic
#112 – 3721 Delbrook Avenue
North Vancouver V7N 3Z4

Hearing Life Canada
1803 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver
604-988-8013 or 1-888-440-7138

Hearing Life Canada
#201-1133 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver

Hearing Life Canada, formerly NexGen Hearing
#101 – 1221 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver

Pardon Me Hearing
#102-1940 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver

Quantum Hearing Clinic
#167 – 171 West Esplanade
North Vancouver