Hearing Loops

Do you have trouble hearing in public venues such as churches, auditoriums, theatres, or at check out and service counters? Do you find that your hearing aids and their assistive devices aren’t quite enough to be able to hear clearly? A Hearing Loop can be installed in almost any room or facility to meet the needs of people with hearing loss. A Hearing Loop can send clear, pure sound directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants. People who don’t wear hearing aids can use receivers to access clear sound.
Hearing Loops have been around for a long time but their use has not been widespread in Canada. CHHA-NSB has been using the loop system in their Sound Advice Meetings and has been active in getting loop systems installed in churches and public venues on the North Shore and the Greater Vancouver area.
CHHA National partnered with Hearing Assistive Technology Group and officially launched its nationwide “Get in the Hearing Loop” campaign on June 16, 2022. This campaign strives to remove communications barriers by installing hearing loops across Canada making Canada more accessible.
For more information and/or how to get involved visit: https://getinthehearingloop.ca/


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